CPD and Training

CPD, Training and Public Speaking

We also provide CPD sessions for businesses and organisations of any size. These sessions provide an excellent overview of access matters and provide designers and business owners with information on the various legislation that drives the need for us all to think about inclusion. The sessions also provide top tips on what you can to to design in a smart way for people with disabilities and how to make your business premise more inclusive.  They can be tailored to suit your brief and attendees, 

 Topics covered are;

  1. What is the Equality Act 2010 and how does it effect your business or design ?
  2. What other legislation drives the need to be inclusive and which documents provide supportive design guidance ?
  3. What are the different types of access impairment and disabilities that affect peoples experiences ?
  4. How do these impairments affect people, is your business unwittingly creating barriers to those people ?
  5. What is the social model ?
  6. Design Appraisals, how to design for better social inclusion.
  7. Access audits, why have them, what do they cover and the benefits of them.
  8. Retro-fitting, how to improve the access of existing building, including historic and cultural properties.
  9. Technical guidance on room sizes and building elements and product information for auxiliary aids.
  10. Altering the way you deliver a service to aid accessibility.
  11. Top quick tips to make your facilities, premises and website more accessible.

We can present training and CPD to any type of business on topics to suit your need, please contact us to discuss your brief and user group and i am sure we will be able to help your teams become more aware and knowledgeable on matters of accessibility. 

We are also happy to provide public speaking at events on the importance of diversity, equality and inclusion and the exciting ways we can design to be more socially inclusive.