Access Audits and Adaptations

Disability adapted wetroom

Access Audits - Why have one done ?

We offer access audits on a range of public and commercial premises. These audits provide an excellent over view of how accessible your business premises are to people with a range of access impairments. The audit can take into account the environment, building and landscape, the services and facilities you are offering and policies and procedures if required. The equalities act 2010 superseded previous acts and makes it unlawful to discriminate against people because of their disabilities and requires that "reasonable adjustments" are made when providing access to goods, facilities, services and premises.

The brief and outcome will be set by your needs at the initial meeting, there are many reasons clients may ask for the audit, it may be that you merely require a simple check list to demonstrate compliance, it may be that you intend to make positive changes to the building or policies following the audit and therefore require a more detailed report. Either way having the audit completed and on file will help mitigate the risk of your business becoming exposed to an unlawful discrimination claim, either my a member of the public, employee or potential employee. 

Inclusive Design and commercial adaptations

Whether you have had an access audit undertaken and want to act upon the recommendations or just have plans to alter an existing space or create a new inclusive space within your business we can help with the design, drawings and specification. We have wide experience of designing for adults and children with a range of disabilities and access impairments and have many contacts to assist in the process. Those being providers of equipment, materials and contractors that are confident at working within sensitive environments, we offer a one stop shop from brief to completion on site. 

We look to industry standards to create functional, practical but beautiful spaces. The chartered association of building engineers have published and promoted the principles of inclusive design as it relates to the built environment, the principles are, 

  • Inclusive – so everyone can use it safely, easily and with dignity. 
  • Responsive – taking account of what people say they need and want. 
  • Flexible – so different people can use it in different ways. 
  • Convenient – so everyone can use it without too much effort or separation. 
  • Accommodating for all people, regardless of their age, gender, mobility, ethnicity or circumstances. 
  • Welcoming – with no disabling barriers that might exclude some people. 
  • Realistic – offering more than one solution to help balance everyone's needs and recognising that one solution may not work for all

Domestic Adaptations

We also offer adaptations to homeowners, whether you are seeking to adapt part of your home for an elderly or disabled relative, such as a wet room, door widening or adaptive kitchen, or creating an extension or annex for such purposes we can help. Again we can visit your to determine your brief, we are happy to also meet with occupational therapists and health professionals too to make sure we get the design right for the end user. 

We can then provide drawings and a specification for your approval, submit for planning and building regulation approval as required, find the most competitive contractor and oversee the work on site. 

We are passionate about ensuring that adaptive spaces are also beautiful and compliment your home.